Question Time

Everybody seems to be commenting on this evening’s edition of Question Time. I saw most of it, but I turned off as Michael Howard’s slot became little more than a shouting match between immigrants and Howard. And he was rubbish on the issue of Iraq, but what do you expect? He certainly had a tough time.

Charles Kennedy was extremely impressive though. Even when I didn’t agree with him I felt convinced. But I feel that the audience did not challenge him enough. Probably not seen as enough of a threat.

And Tony Blair seemed to be impressing no-one. I avoid these sorts of things these days because they just end up being all about Iraq, which I am quite fed up with. But I tuned in towards the end. David Dimbleby asked him why he wouldn’t have a face-to-face debate with the other party leaders, to a sporadic applause. He of course said that there is such a debate in the House of Commons every week. But that’s not really true. Prime Minister’s Questions is just that — questions for the Prime Minister. It is only a debate in the loosest form. For a start, the Prime Minister always gets the last word! Everybody’s going on about Blair’s sweating. Can’t say I noticed that myself, but he certainly didn’t seem to be on top form…

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