Election sweepstake

Qwghlm is attempting to make the election more interesting with his “election sweepstake“.

I selected 46. That’s probably a tad optimistic, but I didn’t pick out any old number from thin air. Although it probably wasn’t all that scientific. I looked at the latest YouGov opinion poll, and I took two off Labour and added two to the Conservatives (to account for the fact that Labour support is usually overstated by opinion polls and that the Tories will probably catch up in the final week of campaigning) and I bunged the numbers into the BBC’s seat calculator.


  1. Election Sweepstake by Scottish Blogger

    Edinburgh blogger Chris Applegate (the one that brought you those flash videos recently) of qwghlm.co.uk blog has started an Election Majority Sweepstake.

    I bet on a Labour Majority of 91.

    The median bet so far is 74, which is very, very close …