Dodgy translations

Another meme, via Zootm. This time it’s a Google Language Tools one.

You type in the lyrics to a song, then translate it into German, then from German into French, then from French back into English.

So which song is this supposed to be?

Stars leave clouds of sleep my opinion, do not make them come more and require you, I did not consider it, were a crime too a small number, did not consider me, are him a crime with the faith, me tried to only sleep, me not to make it could however, you could have sat close to me, and I would not know the morning, him not, if I declared you that you were false, not points out me to me to say

Click for the answer.

It’s The Cedar Room by Doves.

Stars leave the morning,
Sleep clouds my view,
Don’t let them come round here,
And call for you,
I didn’t notice,
It’s a crime too few,
I didn’t notice,
It’s a crime to feel

I tried to sleep alone,
But I couldn’t do it,
You could be sitting next to me,
And I wouldn’t know it,
If I told you you was wrong,
I don’t remember saying

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