Freeview gets E4 — twice

Freeviewers are getting absolutely spoiled now. Every now and again they just squeeze out some more space for a new channel, just like that!

It’s got to the point where just about all the decent channels are on Freeview now, and all the extra space is dedicated to really bad ones. Not even shopping channels — at least you can understand that, because Freeview is… free to view, and, well, something’s got to pay for it.

Four new channels are apparently on their way — two from Channel 4 (three if you include More4, but that’s old news really) and two from ITV.

Wait a minute… TWO FROM ITV! Shit! ITV don’t even have enough good programmes to fill one channel, never mind two, three, four or five (six if you include the ITV News Channel).

So what do ITV give us to fill up one of their brand spanking new spaces? Men and Motors. Oh man. Cars crashing all day. Great! And to add insult to injury the Freeview version will stop broadcasting at 11pm. If you take a look at your television guide, you will see that this totally defeats the purpose of the entire channel! No doubt at 10:59 just before Freeview closedown they’ll say, “And if you want to have a wank get out your credit card and pay for Sky Digital you tight git!” Maybe slightly more subtly though.

As for ITV’s other slot, it’s going to be filled by ITV4. Holy hair. ITV1 is only there for Formula 1, ITV2 is only okay at times and ITV3 is a bloody joke. And they don’t know what ITV4 is going to be yet. If I recall correctly, it was originally going to be a female-orientated channel; then it was going to be a gaming channel of some sort; then it was going to be a male-orientated channel (then they realised — doh — that they’ve already got one!). Now it’s apparently going to be a children’s channel. You’d think if you come up with a new channel you’d at least have a few ideas of the sort of stuff you’d put on it first.

As for Channel 4’s offerings, well one of them is E4 so we’ve got all we need now thank you. E4 was the only thing that Freeview really needed (perhaps Sky One aswell, but there’s not a snowball’s chance of that coming to Freeview). Their other new channel is E4+1, which is a bit of a waste. You wait years for E4 to come along to Freeview, and then two come along at once…


  1. I like ITV3, its good.
    You get a lot of murder mysteries, such as Midsummer, Sherlock Holmes, and Poirot

  2. There must be a malfunction with my digital box because Men & Motors is on after 11pm or ya man is talking bull.

  3. u bonehead. get ur facts straight.

    1) m&m is on after 11pm
    2) on november 1st, m&M WILL BECOME ITV4