Trip to West Wemyss

I spent more than twelve hours in bed last night. That’s more than half of the day for crying out loud!

A beach in no man's landMy mother told me to go on a walk, and my friend David wanted to go on a walk aswell. We decided to go to West Wemyss in the end, a tiny town just to the east of Kirkcaldy.

Random brick thingsIt’s a good excuse to get away from the noise of Kirkcaldy — the Links Market (apprently Europe’s biggest street fair) is in town at the moment).

Towards DysartIt was a freezing cold day though, and very windy, especially on the beach facing out towards the North Sea. It was well worth it though.

Irn Bru burnThe strangest thing was undoubtedly the Irn Bru coloured burn. I don’t quite understand the rusty colour. I’ve passed this burn before, and I never noticed such a funny colour.

Here’s the whole set of photographs.

I’ve created a new ‘personal’ category. I don’t usually write about boring things like that. My hand might get bitten off if I talk about other folk aswell, so I tent not to do that either these days. But we’ll see what happens with that. Personal stuff used to go in the ‘miscellany’ category; goodness knows what that’ll be used for now…


  1. It’s the colour of the stone. There used to be a burn like that near my house, and when I was little I thought it looked like Irn Bru. Alas, it didn’t taste like it.