MSN Messenger 7

My brother said I should download the proper non-beta version of MSN Messenger 7. I didn’t even know it existed yet!

This is much better. I think it’s still got the highly annoying ‘nudge’ and ‘wink’ “functions”, but there’s lots of good new stuff aswell. It can be highlighted by this picture:

Buddy list on MSN7

Avatars now show up like little favicons in the buddy list, and there is an option to show what you’re currently listening to. It says you can only use it with Windows Media Player, but it’s working fine with iTunes! So now everybody can know about my awesome taste in music 24 hours a day!

Update: A friend has this to say about one of the other new features:
Tres usefull


  1. Hey – i just saw your posting and i wanted to let you know that you can turn winks (automatic play) and nudge off in the tools->options->messages menus. As someone who works on msn messenger – i hope you don’t mind if i pass your feedback on to my team. Thanks!

  2. Nudges can be a little annoying, I just found out how to send unlimited nudges over at MSN Messenger Tools, it still works in the latest version, so try it while it lasts dude!