This is for real — Autechre will be broadcasting on this website on Sunday from 8pm, according to Warp.

There is some kind of test broadcast at the moment. Right now something called ‘Toy’ is playing. It doesn’t sound much like regular Autechre, but it’s very cool indeed. Ah, now it’s called ‘Five Star’. I ought to be recording this. This is great!

(Update: Some of it is quite boring actually. It seems to be a similar idea to the Gescom Minidisc — some long tracks, some short tracks all played in a random order. Some of it is good, but a lot of it is boring rubbish, like the hidden tracks on LP5 and EP7. I wonder how many of these duffers they go through for every awesome album track?)

I can’t wait for Untilted now. The reviews have been mixed, but I love what I’ve heard of it so far — especially Ipacial Section. I still haven’t decided whether to go to that Autechre gig in Glasgow yet. I’d better make my mind up soon — it’s next Friday!

Update: One of the tracks on is called ‘chris_morris / AUTECHRE_REMIX’. It appears to be a kind of remix involving samples from Blue Jam, and it’s by far the most interesting thing there. Luckily I recorded it. Woop!

In completely unrelated news my Soulseek username is doctorvee. I think.


  1. radio show” according to Warp – will be happening on this website at 8pm on Sunday night. It’s playing some quite cool (weird, but cool) stuff already, so I’ll think I’ll check it out Sunday. (Via doctorvee & Mefi.) Posted by Andrew On 08/04/05 At 04:01 PM

  2. […] Unless my ears and memory deceive me, some of the music on this album was also part of the broadcast. I think the final piece of music on this album is the track which was known as Org on It lasts for ages, fading in very slowly, and fading out also very slowly. Droning notes seem to float in and out, and through each other. […]

    really another minidisc, and…. we can make IDM with such pieces, hoho