Bad games for news junkies

If you’re a so-called ‘news junkie’ like me, you may use the BBC News Alerts service. It’s a type of desktop thingy that keeps itself to itself until something happens and you can enjoy that groovy BBC News theme tune whenever news breaks. With this, news ‘breaks’ about twenty minutes after it does on News 24.

Peter Snow's Swingometer gameAnyway, they’ve added a special election service and I noticed when right-clicking on the icon in the system tray that I could play Peter Snow’s Swingometer game. “Ooooooh,” I thought, “that sounds like fun!” It’s that time of night.

But I was sorely disappointed. Basically it consists of popping balloons on something that looks vaguely like a swingometer, but only because it has an arrow, and a red bit, and a blue bit. I’m trying to work out what on earth it’s got to do with the election.

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