Nathan Barley trundles on

According to Media Guardian‘s Media Monkey, Chris Morris wants to do a second series of Nathan Barley, which surprises me. What’s not surprising is that Kevin Lygo doesn’t want a second series of Nathan Barley. Who said ratings weren’t important to Channel 4?

Personally, I’d rather have a speedy DVD release of Nathan Barley than a second series.

But Media Monkey continues:

Just who, exactly did Morris base “self-facilitating media node” Nathan Barley on? Step forward Andrew Newman, a regular collaborator with Morris on the likes of Brass Eye and now head of entertainment at Channel 4.

I think I saw Andrew Newman on Channel 4’s 50 Greatest Comedy Sketches last night, and he does seem a bit odd. Not necessarily Barley-esque though. That’s all by the by though. You see, Chris Morris didn’t create Nathan Barley. Charlie Brooker created Barley years before Morris got his hands on the character.


  1. God I loved that show. Favourite quote? Hmmm “straight on straight gay action”. Wonderful stuff

  2. Hmm…I really don’t see how a new series could make it onto terrestrial tv after those shitty viewing figures. Anything new would probably just make it onto some special dvd version of the series I’d think. Was an interesting idea, but not one many people really grasped, including me!

  3. No, it didn’t. It was one of the best comedies on TV for years. I find most people who were strongly opposed to it were themselves Barley-like figures who were smart enough to know when they’re having the piss taken out of them….

  4. DVD is coming out 26th September. Tons of extras, should be good… or should i say ‘well Jackson’.

  5. Can’t wait for the DVD, awesome show, I don’t think they’ll be able to top the first series. As someone rightly says, anyone not finding it funny has to be that archetypal ‘shoreditch tw*t’…… ‘f*ck you later’

  6. I loved the series, but why a second series I want innovation from Chris morris not retreading the same theme. A feature length would have me drooling and licking my balls with contentment.

  7. Nathan Barley was pure comedic genius! Any of you who think otherwise are fucking futile!

  8. I really enjoyed the show, and although Cook’d and Bomb’d slated it, I think it is indeed one of the best pieces of British comedy in recent years. “Hardcore” Morris fans will neevr be happy with anything else he ever does, because he will never be able to have the success of Brass Eye etc without going over the same ground, which he would, in the end, be criticised for.

    A Chris Morris sitcom was never going to be commercially successful, and indeed, it’s cult following is only perhaps starting to develop now.

  9. Nick Burns and Julian Barratt have been workshopping ideas with Chris Morris over Christmas for Nathan Barley Series 2, fingers crossed eh!

    Apparently there is speculation the whole thing will be broadcast over the internet as opposed to shown on television.