I don’t care; WordPress is rockin’

A load of uppity bloggers are going on about some articles that were hosted on wordpress.org, breaking Google’s rules, blah blah…

I would like to officially say that I don’t care. So long as WordPress is rockin’, that’s all that matters. I agree with this post. Anything else is between Matt and Google.

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  1. ’m in good company! Thus far I’ve been joined by Ozh, the Queen’s Caffeine (isn’t that just the best name for a site??) , Andrea R (who has a John Hughes meme that I’m going to have to try!), Doctorvee , michaelm, and Nao. Forgive me for leaving people out, as I know I did, but I’m really late for work, and I’m going to catch hell for it as it is! Extra kudos to Ozh for coming up with the idea and posting the link. Hugs to you all!!!!