March 2005

Scrapping political correctness

The first election flyer came through the door yesterday. It’s from UKIP. It’s what you’d expect from UKIP really. But one of their bullet-points particularly amused me. They try to make it sound like it’s illegal to be politically incorrect. UKIP says: … scrap political correctness so people can speak their mind As if people […]


Laura K. Pahl is a Plagiarist. Oh dear. Via Boing Boing. Update: Ahem. Turns out to be an April Fool. I always thought April Fool’s pranks were meant to happen on… the 1st of April? Update: Qwghlm thinks about the ins and outs.

Just this time?

Look who’s voting Lib Dem This Time — it’s none other than genius musician Brian Eno! I could hardly agree more with the first few paragraphs of Eno’s open letter. Pay attention especially to the section headed ‘The Riddle’. This tackles something that has pissed me off recently as well. Forget Backing Blair — this […]

High School bans blogging

Well, not quite. If the school doesn’t like their computers being used in that way, that’s fair enough. Oh, and because of Internets Predators. Paedoph Isles, etc etc. It doesn’t surprise me though. Schools will ban anything that moves. My primary school banned everything — Pogs were first (first it was just the metal kinis, […]

Yes, but

Peter Hain — wait for it — has said — yawn — “Vote for the Lib Dems and you will risk a Tory victory.” Well, yes. But vote for Labour and you will risk a Labour victory.

You’re fired!

Who needs Alan Sugar? The interesting thing about the whole Howard Flight thing for me is that by sacking him, Howard has made the claims of the Conservatives’ opponents, whether they be spin or not, look true.