I was always the patriotic one

Scotland have played Italy this evening, messing about with BBC One’s brand spanking new Saturday night lineup. A conversation between me and my mother:

Me: It’s not as if we’d win.

Mother: But we will win.

Me [sarcastically]: Yeah, yeah.

Well we didn’t. But from what I saw, Scotland didn’t play too badly — but then again we’ve come to expect Scotland to be diabolically awful. My father reckons we’re much more organised under Walter Smith than we were with the hilarious Berti McVogts in charge, and that under Vogts we’d have been more than one goal down (it was just the one goal at the time). Is this the start of the upswing?

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  1. Aye, well…we weren’t TOO bad, it took two bloody freekicks for them to score and Kenny Miller missed a good chance. Team looked much happier and tried harder. I’m pretty chuffed at the performance.