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Just found out — accidentally — that WordPress 1.5 automatically sticks rel="nofollow" into links put in comments. Basically that means that search engines ignore the links which I don’t think is very fair. It’s supposed to discourage spam, but it clearly doesn’t — I’ve seen a lot of spammers put rel="nofollow" in themselves!

I didn’t know about that. There isn’t even an option to switch it off.

Thankfully, the flexibility of WordPress allows for people to write awesome plugins like this which put a stop to it.

It couldn’t be easier. I’ve checked and it works. But as always, if you have a problem commenting, please let me know (I can put the comment up for you if it’s a temporary problem).

Now that I’ve got nothing to do for a while I’ll be messing about with this blog adding all the bells and whistles that I haven’t had time to put on recently. So if it falls off, I’m sorry.

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    Excellent commentary on the state of political debate in this country can be found in Backing Blair’s Political Debate.
    Fans of South Park (especially T&P) won’t be disappointed.