Save the Scottish Regiments to stand

One of the things about living in a very high-profile politician’s potential (yeah right) future constituency is the large amount of headline-grabbing minor parties.

Alongside the SSP (just kidding!) we now have a Save the Scottish Regiments candidate, Anne McMillan, standing in Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath. It’s only their second candidate so far, though it’s expected that there will be more. They’re also backing candidates in nine other constituencies.

They’ll be trying to hound him every step of the way. But why Gordon Brown?

Jeff Duncan, the campaign co-ordinator, explained that Mr Brown was its number one target because the chancellor was the man ultimately responsible for merging Scotland’s six historic regiments into one because of cutting costs.

McMillan will also be campaigning on health issues, presumably beacause she’s a nurse. That could be an interesting one, because there were whispers about the possible closure of the local hospital.

Ms McMillan was unable to attend the launch of her campaign at Westminster.

If you’re in to “busy” websites, here it is.

As for me, I really couldn’t care less about this issue. I don’t know anybody who does care — I think this is one that has been entirely cooked up by the media and opportunistic political parties.

I’ve definitely decided not to use that Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath blog, and instead anything vaguely interesting will appear here, in the UK General Election 2005 category in particular.


  1. Thanks for notice re K&C Votes blog Duncan. It is deleted from my links section. Probably best to concentrate on one blog.

    I am afraid that I can’t see these tiny parties or candidates making the slightest difference in this First Past The Post election. Your constituency, as are many Scottish constituencies, is a straight Labour versus SNP contest. No other party has a look in. If you want rid of Gordon Brown as your MP, the only possible option is to vote SNP, and even that is a very long shot indeed I’m sorry to say!

  2. Indeed. If anything, the extra small parties are only making it more difficult for Brown to be defeated, by watering down the anti-Brown vote. And all for the sake of a bit of publicity eh?

  3. That is their prerogative to seek a bit of publicity. And why not. Thank goodness we live in a democracy where individuals and small groups (SSRC is not that small