Scottish pop

Via PooterGeek, Bad Scottish Pop and Good Scottish Pop.

WTF are The Proclaimers doing in the ‘good’ section?

And Boards of Canada ought to be in there. Under good of course.

I was just thinking about Scottish music recently. I don’t have much Scottish music in my collection. Indeed, it could be pretty much summed up in ten words (if you exclude ‘the’ and ‘of’): Boards of Canada, Christ., Garbage, The Beta Band, The High Fidelity, The Supernaturals, Travis. Not forgetting the excellent Alba Absurdia (a compilation of Scottish electronic music) either.

Almost all of those purchases were made when I was young and my taste in music was somewhat different. But I still maintain that The High Fidelity are one of the most under-rated bands ever, and you ought to check them out. Now.

I actually had an urge to listen to Travis yesterday. I can honestly say that I have had no such urge for at least three years. There must be a reason for it; I’m off to pop on The Man Who.