GNER is pronounced ‘grr’

The trains have been excellent all week. Like, you know, on time and stuff.

It had to go wrong some time though.

There was a “slight technical hitch” at Edinburgh Waverly station, so we couldn’t get away on time. When we did get going, it was at a snail’s pace — by the time we reached Haymarket station, the train was already running almost fifteen minutes late.

When the train arrived at Haymarket nobody on the platform seemed to know quite what to do with themselves. The ones who did get on seemed to be complaining about the announcement. The announcer only had an extra fifteen minutes to prepare for it…

Then we came to a halt right at Edinburgh Airport. After a while, we were told that the GNER train in front of us had broken down. Somebody stage-whispered in a pure Fife accent, “aw fir fuckssake.”

I had thought about going on that GNER train. If I’m lucky I can catch it on a Tuesday, as it’s hardly ever on time for its 1500 departure. But I never take it because you know what would happen — I would end up just missing the GNER train, and then missing the normal First ScotRail train aswell.

This was lucky for First ScotRail though. Before the GNER breakdown, the service would have been marked down as late and it would have been First ScotRail’s fault — but now it’ll be down as GNER’s fault.

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