Fonts again

New Links have another site of free fonts up their sleeve. This time it’s a site dedicated to bands’ / films’ / videogames’ fonts.

I was just thinking of writing another post about fonts, inspired by this thread on WATMM.

I stand by my post:

Arial is shit.

Helvetica is a million times better.

Comic Sans ought to be made illegal.

Trebuchet MS is nice.

But Verdana is versatile.

But I forgot to mention Georgia! Oh man. And when I thought about it, it actually struck me how great it is. I don’t like many serif fonts, but Georgia is just awesome. It looks very traditional, old-fashioned and formal. But it has a very contemporary feel to it. It looks sharp and it is also odd, but not in a way that means you can’t read it.

I did once attempt to change my blog’s main font to Georgia, but it actually looked rubbish. That might have been because it totally clashed with the orange and grey colour scheme.

Speaking of chaning fonts, Lucidia Sans? I’ve been thinking about it…

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