Yoghurt cereals: just say no

I love cereals and I’m always interested to try a new one. But I wouldn’t recommend these new cereals with ‘yoghurt’ bits that seem to be fashionable at the moment.

Yoghurt or Yogurt?Now this might not be what all yoghurt cereals are like, but the one I tried was Sainsbury’s Yoghurt & Raspberry Crisp Cereal. Or is it Yogurt & Raspberry? Sainsbury’s can’t seem to make their mind up either. Anyway, the cereal is one of those really crunchy ones with pieces of fruit in them, like Jordan’s Country Crisp. I really like these, although often they’re a bit too heavy.

But what is this yoghurt nonsense all about? It is not even yoghurt – it is white chocolate chips. The ingredients list says “Yoghurt Flavour Chips” but trust me, this is just like the white choclate chips you might get in a packet of chocolate-nuts-and-raisins, or that you might buy for your dog. It tastes vile; I couldn’t finish the bowl.

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  1. i like the yoghurt covered raisins you can get in healthy type shops. they’re uber tasty.