Unconvinced by The Scottish Standard

I tried to write a post about the new newspaper to be launched tomorrow, The Scottish Standard. It’s SCOTLAND’S ONLY PRO-INDEPENDENCE NEWSPAPER you know (presumably The Scottish Sun doesn’t count because of course it’s actually English / Australian / American / whatever). But I couldn’t write a decent post because I could find hardly anything on the internet about it when I took a look yesterday.

But Stuart Dickson is much better at sniffing things out on the internet, so now I know more about it.

I don’t buy newspapers. Well, my father buys The Guardian, but I hardly ever read it and I probably wouldn’t buy it myself at the moment. The Scottish Standard probably won’t change that one bit, because it appears to be little more than a pro-independence propaganda rag. Of the five stories currently on The Scottish Standard‘s website, four of them are about either the SNP or Scotland’s relationship with England.

I was going to say in my post yesterday that I thought it would be unsuccessful. But it does have two major pro-independence political figures writing in tomorrow’s launch issue — Colin Fox and Alex Salmond. It will certainly be an uphill struggle for the new paper though. For instance, it has only ten staff. And 70p sounds quite steep for even a weekly newspaper to me.

Undoubtedly it is a brave and principled stance for them to ensure that

it will be the only national newspaper in Scotland wholly owned, printed and edited in Scotland, in effect, the only truly Scottish newspaper choice.

But that will be their downfall I’m sure; rejecting everything that isn’t Scottish just because it isn’t Scottish. That will undoubtedly appeal to a certain type of SNP supporter…

And I certainly don’t think many people would think of The Scotsman, The Herald, The Daily Record or The Sunday Post as non-Scottish either…


  1. Where in the literature did you discover that the paper is going to be “… rejecting everything that isn’t Scottish…”?

    On what do you base your conclusion that The Scottish Sun is pro-independence?

    “… little more than a pro-independence propaganda rag”

    As opposed to the serried ranks of pro-Union propaganda rags? Take your pick. at least the Standard is now giving you a choice.

  2. “Where in the literature did you discover that the paper is going to be “… rejecting everything that isn’t Scottish…”?”

    They say so themselves: “…it will be the only national newspaper in Scotland wholly owned, printed and edited in Scotland, in effect, the only truly Scottish newspaper choice.”

    They are saying that for a paper to be truly Scottish it must be 100% owned, printed and edited in Scotland. The fact that they are beating their chests about this implies that they will indeed be rejecting input from non-Scots. Because that just wouldn’t be Scottish enough, would it?

  3. I’ve stopped reading the Scottish dailies in any depth, except for a quick butchers at the front pages – preferring the good old Beeb website, where I can at least find out what’s going on in the rest of the world.

    It’s simple; if you’ve got your head up your arse, then you can’t read a thing, eh? 🙂

  4. Just because a paper is owned, printed and edited in Scotland does certainly not mean that it “rejects everything that isn’t Scottish”.

    The Guardian is owned, printed and edited in England. Does it reject everything that isn’t English? Eh,… no.

    Snap for Italian newspapers, Danish newspapers, Argentinian newspapers, ad infinitum.

    Why is it just Scottish media that is being portrayed as parochial. You are not adopting the Scottish Cultural Cringe are you?

  5. Yeah, the difference is that The Guardian doesn’t go on about being “The only true English paper” or whatever on pretty tenuous grounds.

  6. For the very good reason that their are tens, nae hundreds (if you include local), of media outlets in England that are owned, printed and edited in England. It would hardly be a “Unique Selling Point” for The Guardian or any of the others.

    It is a deeply depressing fact that in Scotland a media outlet that is owned, printed and edited in the country is a Unique Selling Point. It should be commonplace.

    “The only true English paper”

    I note that you could not say: “England’s Only Pro-Independence Newspaper” as an example of a patriotic tagline! How long before we do see an Enlish newspaper that will back English independence? Not long:


  7. I wasn’t referring to the paper’s slogan, but the quote which I also put in my post. Exactly, it says that it is “the only truly Scottish newspaper choice.”

    And as I said in my post, I really don’t think that people think of the Daily Record, The Scotsman etc. as non-Scottish, as the quote implies. It just doesn’t wash.

  8. “I really don’t think that people think…”

    The Daily Record and The Scotsman are much more “non-Scottish” than people realise. He who pays the piper calls the tune.

  9. So is, for instance, The Sun an Australian paper?

    Edit: By the way, did you ever try to get the trackback to work again?

  10. No. Nor, in a way, is Murdoch himself – he took US citizenship in 1985.

    The “Scottish” Sun is very clearly controlled by US and English interests. Its “Scottishness” is only partial (some journalists, printing etc). The Scottish editorial team get a lot of pressure and interference from outwith Scotland. If they did not then you would see a very different publication.

    If you would like an example, try typing “The Scottish Sun” into the Google search engine.

    Result: http://www.thesun.co.uk/

    ie. The English Sun

    Edit: No. Because I realised that you had already linked to me in both this and the Formula One articles, so Tracking Back would have been a bit pointless.

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  12. Scottish Standard

    A new pro-independence weekly Scottish newspaper called the Scottish Standard was published today. The print run is 50,000. I haven’t seen it yet but I gather it is in a compact/tabloid format, aimed at the middle of the market, and broadly suppo…

  13. Stuart: Yeah, I should really check those links more often. A lot of them are prone to going AWOL, never to come back.

    Simon: Okay, sorry about that. I’ll really have to look into it now. Unfortunately I’m not feeling too great today, but hopefully I can get it sorted over the weekend.

  14. I have just received the Scottish Standard and it is a wonderful read. Well done guys. At last !!