Overnight in Scumdee

I was in Dundee overnight to see some school friends. I have to mention this in my blog, otherwise I would probably be harassed until I did. It’s only the second time I’ve been since university started. I expected to be visiting Dundee much more often. But by the end of the week, the last thing I want to see is another train.

I don’t like Dundee very much either. At best it just seems like such a mediocre city; at worst it’s just downright depressing. And sleeping on the floor, that’s another thing I’m not a big fan of. Last night, though, I slept on two chairs facing each other — I was the bridge. More comfortable than it sounds, although I did wake up a few times with aching somethingorothers.

My needs to watch the Formula 1 qualifying were — by and large — met aswell. And what an exciting session!

At the party there was this guy who was impressed with the fact that I call this year ‘twenty oh five’. Apparently it’s the first time he’s ever heard it. I’m definitely not the only person in the world who says it. I see no reason to say ‘two thousand and five’ — it’s a waste of a syllable.

Say 1905 for instance. You don’t say ‘one thousand nine hundred and five’ — you say ‘nineteen oh five’. So why say ‘two thousand and five’?


  1. Dundee is shit, Fattys is shit, the Mardi closed because it was shit, London Nightclub is shit, The Reading Rooms (cool…but still quite shit) Jumpin Jacks (Ned city…shit) it wouldnt be to bad if it werent for all the Neds, visit http://www.chavscum.co.uk if you are not familiar with Ned culture. The Nether Inn though….good.

  2. Yeah im trapped in this godforsaken depressive city, although i do find a beam of hope in Yates over a nice pint of Carling.
    Scumdee…whoever thought that up should get a nobel fecking prize.
    Oh god time to move on 3 years have been enough. Too many gobby kids/adult wannabees, very inpolite people, sooo many unemployed Gellaty Street lifers, and for the neds, i don’t see any hope of extermination. Watch this space.

  3. I quite agree. I spent my first 20 years in Dundee before I found a proper city (Edinburgh) to live in. My mum still lives there so I have to go back every now and then. It’s like Dawn of the fucking Dead. All these crack head zombies wandering aimlessly till giro day. Good luck, losers.

  4. i moved up from near london to live in dundee and i am as bored as hell compared to where i used to live dundee is a shithole people are most people are rude, spit everywhere, they dont use proper grammar (i know i dont have the best grammar skills but still . . .) dont know what a bin is im surprised anyone in dundee actually has money cos most of its spent on fags, drink, drugs and tacky ned clothing kids in the schools have no manners they shove you in the corridor and act as if it was your fault and have a go at you, gees i cant wait until i leave this shithole and i dont want to come back but knowing my luck my parents will still be here so ill have to visit (though my dad has brains he wasnt to go back to london) only a few year left then in going to go to uni in england or edinburgh

  5. Im from Dundee and recently moved to Livingston for work. If you think that Dundee is shit, you aint seen nothin till you see Livi. No city centre, only 2 big shopping centres next to each other like 2 wellgates. That IS the town. Even the fucking pubs are in the shopping centres. And we’re only talking the tip of the iceberg here, the place is a complete and total shithole. Avoid like the fucking plague. Trust me – Dundee is nowhere near shit. I’ll be moving back very fucking soon.

    Wee man that left the above comment “kids in the schools have no manners”. Thats cos they want a fight. Fight them – you’re at school. Thats what you’re supposed to do at school. You a poof or something?

  6. Dundee is becoming really metropolitan. Apart from the clubs, Dundee is getting some really up-market bars and our shopping precinct is great, looks lovely and is a great place to be. Every building that is being planned/erected is really smart looking and most commercial buildings in development are being ear-wigged for up market shops and restaurants.

    Take a look at some new developments here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/46235637@N00/

    Obviously there are a varied mix of people in dundee, so you’ll encounter the same amount of chavvy, horrid folk, but most are really nice I find.

    Sorry to go against everything you said!

  7. Dundee smells funny, and the neds are really crapp and not as hard as the ones in LA, at least in LA they are all niggers, thers nothing worse that a little white faggot acting like a hard case nigger, Oh the niggers here all think there from gangland USA, that is also very funny cos’ their not and probebly never even been state side, Oh by the way, dundee sucks ass and it smells like it does too.

  8. Dundee is the BOM
    you need to stop slagging it!
    im from dundee =] and i dont smoke, i dont drink and im certianly not a waster junkie!
    you say dudndee is full of junkies?
    well id say theyre be more junkies in england im sorry but at least we can drink water without boiling it first =]
    Dundee would be a great place (if it wearnt for the NEDs)
    why are you stereotyping every dundonian as unemployed trakie wearing junkies because TBH you wouldnt really catch me wearing trakies….like ever.

    Dundee isnt called bonnie dundee for nothing jackass!

  9. fucking prick,dundee folk are all proud people if it wasn’t for thatcher and you upper class cunts our city would be as great as it once was.BONNIE DUNDEE MAMAN and if you don’t like it fuck off

  10. To all of the half-wits on here who are jumping to the defense of people who are only putting their views across….

    Lets face it, Dundee, aesthetically is a shit hole, I live there. At first I actually liked it, then the penny dropped after about a year. when you walk down the street there, You are stared at intensely by everyone, by which I mean chavs with ridiculous cornrow and long blonde hair in tracksuits, attempting to imitate The View, people driving past pipping their horns and getting road rage for no apparent reason, men and women who look like they’ve been taking heroin since they were 9 years old. The locals just seem to be wary and suspicious of everyone. To be honest, it pisses me off and it stops me from going into the city centre bar for essentials, and I’ve actually pulled people up in the street for doing it it’s made me that angry. To be honest, I think that a lot of people in Dundee are trying to be the citizens of a big city three times it’s size with regard to the attitude of most people there. To people who live there who behave in this way, there is a large conurbation 80 miles to the West where I think you would be much more suited to. It’s called Glasgow. Plenty of heroin floating about and people you can stare at and get in fights with, and it’s even more depressing and dreary.

    And for all the people who are saying that there are more ‘Junkies’ in England. Do your homework. Scotland has been fighting problems with heroin, alcohol, and people dying from cholestrol related diseases for the latter half of the 20th century, on an enormous scale compared to the rest of the UK. Scotland is the unhealithiest and most drug ridden country in Western Europe, and it is a bloody shame, because if it weren’t for that, having to spend huge amounts of money on dishing out methadone and performing life saving heart surgery, it could be one of the richest and the best to live. There are a lot of good people in Scotland, 99 % of the population in fact, who are pissed off with the damage that that does to their reputation, and I know many of them. And looking at most the mispelt, grammatical shitheap rantings of people on here who can’t string two words together, it is really easy to see why they are pissed off. Coming on here and putting things like ‘fuck off u prik Dundee is gr8’ just makes you look like one of the people who give Dundee and Scotland a bad name in the first place, so if you actually went to school instead of wandering around Hilltown dealing drugs or however you live your life, then you might be able to realise a few home truths and maybe even try to be a good ambassador for the thousands of students who pour into your city every year and spend hundreds of thousands of pounds keeping your economy propped up and making Dundee the fourth most popular city for shopping in Scotland.

  11. I spent four years in Dundee in the early to mid Nineties and I have subsequently lived in about ten other towns/cities/regions. Throw in my childhood and I’ve lived in 12. I can truly say, hand on heart, Dundee is without a shadow of a doubt the worst place I’ve ever lived.

    No competition.

    When I lie on my death bead I’ll be so fucking bitter about those years. Truly a shithole and a half. Been back a few times over the years and the ‘improvements’ are laughable.

    The only place north of Manchester worth bothering with is Edinburgh and even that doesn’t warrant living there more than 6 months before you need someting more out of life.

    Go to London on the first train you can find, walk into a job through any one of hundreds of agencies, rent a room somewhere sensible. Move on to the job you want and find decent digs in your own good time.

    A Friday night in Dundee or a week of Monday mornings in London? No brainer.

    Dundee is Scotland’s fourth city eh? Yeah – have you seen the competition?

  12. I’ve recently started at uni in Dundee and one thing I’ve noticed is how rude the locals are.

    I’ve lived in Glasgow, Manchester and Bristol and nowhere have I found ruder people. Woman in the chip shop the other day swore blind at us cos I didn’t take the bag out of her hand fast enough. She went absolutely mental. It was shite an all, can’t get a decent chippy outside the west. Woman in a newsagents did the same at my mate cos he asked to make a card payment. Eh?!

    I don’t drive but that looks a fuckin nightmare an all. Constant beepin. Literally never movin off campus.

  13. ROFL hahahaha at some of the some of the comments true dundee has a grim and grumpy population but one thing good perhaps is the clean air you maybe wouldnt get in london.

  14. Sorry to ressurect an old subject here but I’ve lived in Dundee my entire life and only now at the age of 24 has the penny dropped. Dundee is a cesspool of humanity. Obviously there are the few who decide drugs and the dole aren’t for them and if Dundee was to be made up of only these people it would be a great city to live in. Unfortunately that’s not the case; instead we get junkie scum who feel they are entitled to everything. Decent people who pay their taxes and mortgages are harrassed by junkies who take offense at being told to stop taking heroin on their stairs. Dundee has a lot going for it: the student population have made the Westport/Perth Road area a cultured one, with the DCA adding to that feel; you are never more than a 15 minute drive from fresh air in the country and the waterfront redevelopment is looking promising. However none of this matters a jot if the socio-economic problems of the city are not addressed. Until then I will continue to plan my move away after uni.