March 2005

Toys now have their own page

There’s a new page around. Stats and stuff is where you can now find heatmaps, lists of popular posts and suchlike, if you want a look at that. It allows me to play around as much as I want without ruining the sidebar, which I’ll try to keep more tidy from now on.

Plagiarism II

So it seems as though it wasn’t a hoecs. Laura K. Krishna is a plagiarist dumb kid. You see, you’re not supposed to know her surname any more. Even though if you just scroll down you’ll see it. It must be pretty agonising for her. But it’s all her damn fault. I have no sympathy […]

Blogging in the Sunday Herald?

A wee heads-up here for those of you interested in newspapers’ coverage of blogging, following on from this month’s article in The Sunday Times — Scotland. There might be an article about blogging in the Sunday Herald. I was asked to write a wee piece about the motivation behind blogging but they’ve decided against using […]

Jamie Oliver and the Scottish Six

This whole Jamie Oliver thing has been interesting. That’s annoying, because it doesn’t actually affect me. It’s another one of those Englandandwales stories that becomes the top of the agenda. I get roped in, I find it very interesting and I say, “Yes, it’s good that children will finally be able to eat healthy school […]


I should never have introduced asides. Things were going so well, and my obsessive tinkering had finally become less obsessive. But since I introduced those damn mini-posts it’s been a design crisis. Even with the number of posts showing up on the front page having been increased to 35 (ridiculous) I soon realised that the […]


There was a problem with the clocks going forward. Of course, you could just put the clock forward. But that’s not good enough for a WordPresser — you need to have a plugin to do it for you of course! Thanks Qwghlm.