February 2005

Fancy boxes

Ooh, look. The new Doves site is a blog – comments and everything. A vast improvement on the fiddly old Flash site. I popped into MVC when I was down the High Street today, considering buying their new album. I was surprised to see that it was only £9.49. But then I saw the shelf […]

Edinburgh rejects congestion charging

So Edinburgh has rejected the congestion charge. By 3 : 1 apparently. Until a couple of weeks ago I hadn’t really come across anybody who was against it. I know I don’t venture far out of uni-land in Edinburgh though. But even my Economics lecturer said he was in favour of congestion charging (he hinted […]

Sleet day

I’m actually quite glad we’re having all this cold weather at the moment. I would have hated for winter to have gone by without us having a proper snow drenching. We still haven’t had a proper snow drenching though. Not in my book. Just a patch of the stuff here and there. I want the […]

8½ men: stroke of genius

Chelsea are just as well being knocked out of the FA Cup. A quadruple was never realistically on the cards. If they went all-out in all four competitions, they would inevitably be spreading themselves too thin, and would end up in a situation like Celtic were in a couple of years ago. Celtic were probably […]

2500 words of essay: better than blogging

Both quantity and quality of posts on this blog have shot down over the past few days. Just to let you know that it’ll be getting worse, because I’ve got a busy couple of weeks ahead. You see, it turns out that I much prefer writing 1500 words on “To what extent is representative democracy […]

Will blogs play a part in the election?

Update: Yeah, sorry, crap post. I rushed to get it finished and it ended up being crap. Sorry. Now that the General Election is fast approaching, one of the hot topics on the ‘blogosphere’ is the role that blogs could play. The media seem to be noticing a bit more. Iain Duncan Smith is the […]

There was me thinking that I understood it

Trust those stupid people to get in the way again. [Conservative MSP David] Mundell said people needed more time to understand the new system [PR for local council elections]. He’s also trying to get the law changed to stop local council elections from being held on the same day as the Scottish Parliament election. Watch […]

Old trains, small world

I’ll say one thing about First ScotRail at least. They are definitely turning things around. Those ten year old trains are becoming much rarer. I actually like them. I much prefer them to the grey ones from the mid- to late-1990s. But they are a bit tatty and tired looking now, and probably a lot […]

Untilted insanity

Thanks to some leaks – be they fake or not – the speculation surrounding Autechre’s new album is just crazy. Worse than Boards of Canada and Squarepusher combined. I don’t download leaks (I download very little anything actually), so I can’t give my view on are-they-fake-or-not. But one of the tracks, Fermium, was played on […]