Now Fife is complete

Our Man in Whitehall points out an article in The Times:

GORDON BROWN is being warned that he will not be forgiven by Labour MPs if he chooses to “sulk in his tent” during an election in which the party fears that more than 100 seats are at risk.

Turns out he’s not sulking in his tent. He’s in a bakery tasting “a new Fife delicacy.” A delicacy is definitely what Fife has been missing.

Described as a “pancake with a twist”, it combines two crepes with fresh fillings including strawberry, raspberry and blueberry.

Mr Brown tasted the “pancake pods” at Kingdom Bakers in Kirkcady [sic] on Friday.


  1. Hmm…well, Broono is kind of wasting his time in kirkcaldy. I bet we get the crappest turnout EVER.

  2. Heh, my grandad was speaking to Gordon Brown on the high street, he was handing out propaganda of some kind. Grandad said he came across as a nice enough bloke.