Some updates

I’ve been busy tinkering away today. I did loads; I can’t remember it all. Links to plugins should all be at the bottom of the side panel though. I installed StatTraq which isn’t supposed to work for WP1.5, but I saw two fixed, and implemented both of them because I thought neither of them worked. And then they started working. But it’s giving me conflicting data. Bah. It seems to be working in some form anyway, so that’s not too bad then.

I’ll probably keep on trying to update throughout the weekend. I’m starting to add stuff I’ve wanted for quite a while now, but haven’t had the time to sort.

I’ll also mention Gravatars.

I’ll get properly blogging again one day.


  1. Glad to see the gravatars are making an inroad. Could I suggest that the BBC logo is removed in your next tinkering session as its a tad out-of-date.

  2. Thanks for commenting. Don’t think I’ll take the BBC logo off though. I know it’s quite an old campaign now, but I like to show my support for the BBC in general somehow…