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Tim Ireland’s Backing Blair is up. I don’t think I’m backing Backing Blair though.

…when the election comes around, we want people who live in ‘safe’ Labour seats or marginal ones to vote for the candidate most likely to beat the Labour candidate. Not the anti-war-person, or the seems-like-a-nice-person, but the candidate most likely to beat the Labour candidate.

The Lib Dems were 4th in both of the constituencies that largely make up the new Kirkcaldy & Cowdenbeath constituency. And I can’t envisage myself voting for anybody else at the moment.

Also, via Nick Barlow, a big General Election messageboard, Vote2005. Kirkcaldy & Cowdenbeath already has its own thread. That’s handy.


  1. Anti-Labour Tactical Voting – Again
    We’ve had the anti-Labour tactical-voting Save the Scottish Regiments campaign, as reported by Independence blog here. Now we have the anti-Labour tactical-voting Backing Blair campaign, as reported by The Inside Of My Head blog here:
    Over at Blogg…

  2. But look at it this way: the smaller labour’s majority, the more power the lib dems have. In fact, the best case scenario is a hung parliament. Maybe then we’d get a democratic voting system for general elections, and these sorts of decisions wouldn’t be necessary in the future.
    The most effective way to reduce the blair majority is to vote for the second-place candidate in your constituency.