I don’t have the time

Wow, it’s all a little bit hectic at the moment. It’s that busy time of the semester I guess. Even without extra university stuff going on, I certainly don’t have the time to be running two full-blown blogs at the moment.

Alister Black at Perspective linked to a blog which I didn’t publicise or even post on (as did Stuart Dickson at Independence)! Alister called me prolific along the way. Stuart said too prolific. Don’t I know it!

It just shows you the scary power of Google. I only set the Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath blog up in anticipation for proxy-blogging the election, but I had already given up my previous proxy blogs and it wasn’t really looking too good for the Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath one. I’ve not been keeping up. I’m not sure if many of them have been ‘unveiled’, so to speak, but I don’t actually know any of the candidates other than Gordon Brown yet.

(Update: Just remebered that Alex Cole-Hamilton is standing for the Lib Dems.)

(Update 2: And Stuart Randall is standing for the Conservatives.)

Sorry Manic.

There is another aspect to this aswell. When I had the Lewis Moonie one up and running, I suggested doubling it up to cover Kirkcaldy’s MSP aswell. I think devolution has played a bigger part in Scotland than most people south of the border realise. According to the Lib Dem MSP Jamie Stone, when he gave us a talk at university, the Scottish Parliament is now responsible for 7/10 of the decisions which affect Scottish people. When you consider that most local issues (eg. the school or hospital down the road) are now the responsibility of the MSPs in Holyrood, Scottish MPs are pretty meaningless at a constituency level – certainly compared to England and probably Wales aswell.

Still, the general election is exciting, and I’ll be blogging anything interesting right here, so keep an eye on it.

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