Worst ScotRail

Yup, it’s time for me to wheel out that cheesy pun again. I had said that they had improved a lot, but it turns out I was wrong. This week, the time keeping of First ScotRail – or, as I like to call them, F&*$^ S*”&R@)$ – has been really poor to say the least.

On Monday I turned up later than usual, planning to catch the later of the two fast trains in my window. But when I looked up at the little monitor it said that the 0742 was due to arrive at 0755! I didn’t get too grumbly about it at the time though, as I unexpectedly met some friends at the station, and my train arrived on time anyway.

But this morning was just beyond a joke. I turned up a bit late, as once again I was planning to catch the later of the two trains. On my way I saw the first fast train heading towards Edinburgh – and I saw that it was once again just two carriages, and the type of train I don’t like. “Hahah,” I thought, “I’m glad I’m not taking that train!”

But when I turned up I discovered that it was the 0730 train. The 0742 was so late that the slow 0755 came first. The 0755 was announced over the loudspeakers “for passengers on Platform 1 awaiting the 0742.” So on we all hopped to the slow train (five carriages aswell!).

All seemed to be going well at first, but then just before Inverkeithing we stopped. And we didn’t move for almost ten minutes. Another train was passing us. It was either a train which came from the west of Fife (I still haven’t quite worked out where those trains join on towards Inverkeiting), or it was the fast “0742” train coming to overtake us.

From then on the whole journey was stop-start-stop-start. So a train journey which I had planned to last thirty-five minutes ended up lasting sixty-five minutes – and that’s not including waiting for the train to turn up in the first place! All-in-all, my entire journey lasted one hour and fifty-five minutes; I didn’t turn up at the lecture theatre until 9:25am.


  1. Tee hee. Sorry, I shouldn’t laugh since I encounter this nonsense regularly too. But I agree with your previous commenter.

    [The west Fife train is the Outer Circle via Glenrothes, Dunfermline and Rosyth which joins the Inner Circle at Inverkeithing]

  2. Yeah, I know it joins at Inverkeithing, but I mean geographically where does it join? Cos I do a lot of staring out the window, and there are railway tracks all over Inverkeithing; it’s like Spaghetti Junction!

    I’m tempted to just assume that West Fife trains join nearer to the station, so that I can justify the vitriol of my posts about First ScotRail…

  3. I’m pretty sure that it joins just after Inverkeithing (if you’re going Edinburgh-Fife) – you can see the track branch off to the left as you go under the bridge after the station.