February 2005

Biased Biased BBC

For me, there is a surefire way of telling whether somebody’s opinions matter, or whether they’re a raving crackpot. The idea that the BBC is biased just seems absolutely crazy to me. People having opinions that don’t coincide with yours? Perish the thought. I’ve read so many people arguing that the BBC is biased, and […]

The Observer has a blog

The Observer now has its own blog, and it’s more impressive than the other Guardian Unlimited blogs. I love The Folksonomic Zeitgeist! And look at this! It looks like this blog will be interesting. Full marks to The Observer. The post that caught my eye at first was this one from Nick Cohen about how […]

Be gone with ugly buildings

A great big ugly building in Kirkcaldy might be getting knocked down. Good! A couple of years ago, this chunk of stone, broken windows and weeds was actually on the BBC’s Restoration programme. Griff Rhys Jones was very sycophantic. He said – on national television and everything – that it was a nice looking building. […]

Now Fife is complete

Our Man in Whitehall points out an article in The Times: GORDON BROWN is being warned that he will not be forgiven by Labour MPs if he chooses to “sulk in his tent” during an election in which the party fears that more than 100 seats are at risk. Turns out he’s not sulking in […]

Boom Bip – Blue Eyed in the Red Room

Boom Bip is described by everybody as a hip-hop producer. He’s on a hip-hop label and everything. But his music actually sounds nothing like hip-hop. And the last time I checked, Gruff Rhys (from Super Furry Animals) – who collaborates with Boom Bip on his new album – was not a rapper. I almost didn’t […]

Some updates

I’ve been busy tinkering away today. I did loads; I can’t remember it all. Links to plugins should all be at the bottom of the side panel though. I installed StatTraq which isn’t supposed to work for WP1.5, but I saw two fixed, and implemented both of them because I thought neither of them worked. […]

Brian Sedgemore: instant hero

In what was probably his last speech in the House of Commons, Labour MP Brian Sedgemore has very kindly listed why it’s difficult to vote Labour in the coming election. Many Members have gone nap on the matter [of liberty]. They voted: first, to abolish trial by jury in less serious cases; secondly, to abolish […]

Healthy obsessions

Almost finished my essay now. I’m pretty bad at essays. I always get bogged down in proportional representation. I just go on and on about voting systems even if they have little to do with the topic. I’m obsessed with voting systems!

Immensely cool

Despite the fact that I don’t really agree with Backing Blair, I think it is immensely cool that this is on the verge of happening.

Spam / comments problem

I have absolutely no complaints with Spam Karma. It is excellent. But I noticed that it ate up what seems to be a legitimate comment. There aren’t any dodgy links or anything in it anyway. I’ve just re-written it up myself. So there you go; just thought I’d better warn you. I’ll make sure to […]