January 2005

BBC Digital

I have to say, so far this year I’ve been quite impressed with the BBC’s usually patchy digital channels, BBC Three and BBC Four. BBC Four is usually actually okay, but only when you’re actually watching it. I’ve already blogged about Don’t Watch That, Watch This!. I haven’t blogged about the new series of Monkey […]


You’ll see I’ve been tweaking things again. The arrows are there to helpfully point you towards an external site; a link which will take you away from here. I’ve been discovering blogs like crazy recently, so I mixed the ‘Top ten percent’ section, as I occasionally do. They have descriptions and everything now. I apologise […]

April 18th

Almost two years since Draft 7.30 was released. The new Autechre album, called ‘Untilted’, has been confirmed – and they’ll be touring. Yess. Must go.

“…an area the size of Wales”

How vast is your chopped-down rainforest? How long is that security barrier? How tall are your new corporate headquarters? How big is the EC wine lake? Just how heavy is John Prescott? Find out at An area the size of Wales. Via The Liberal Dissenter.

Student graffiti

There was quite an amusing article in this week’s The Student about the graffiti to be found in the library at Edinburgh University, written by Mark Thomlinson. It doesn’t appear to be online, so I’ll transcribe part of it. Debates rage over a wide variety of issues, most notably over whether Scottish or English people […]

One EJ10 please

The rumours that Eddie Jordan is on the brink of selling his Jordan Formula 1 team to Midland persist. He can’t be too confident about a deal. Jordan must really be scraping the barrel for cash, because flicking through the channels late last night, I caught an hour-long programme dedicated to selling various Jordan bits […]


Alright, so due to me being a tightwad the immense popularity of this blog, it looks like I’m going to run out of bandwidth before the end of the month. Only just though. So hang on tight, the blog might be down for a day or so until it resets for the start of the […]

Back to the whole Europe / nationalism thing

There is a post on The England Project about the earlier post on Lose the Delusion. I kind of agree with half of it and disagree with the other half. Firstly, John writes: Firstly the presumption that the the loudest and most vociferous opponents of the EU are most usually to be found in England. […]

Steve Reich

Geraldine at mad musings of me has a post about Steve Reich. Steve Reich was probably the first ‘classical’ composer I was into. I own two CDs of his – Drumming and Music for 18 Musicians. And just how do you describe it? Hypnotic, relentless, organic, seemingly never-ending, this piece pulses and swirls round your […]