So because it was unfair to bang up foreigners without putting them on trial, the government has decided to balance it out by allowing Brits to be locked away without this basic right aswell. Because that’s so much fairer!!! Oh, it was so predictable though.

While our soldiers are still in Iraq supposedly bringing freedom to the middle east, our own freedoms are gradually disappearing. If there is such overwhelming evidence that suspected terrorists are so dangerous, what is there to lose by putting them on trial? The right to a fair trial is surely one of the most basic aspects of a free country; one of the shining beacons that separate democracies and totalitarian regimes.

This is not merely a drastic course of action for dangerous times. As Nosemonkey points out, terrorism was not invented on the 11th September 2001.

Since September 11th 2001 there has been precisely ONE terrorist attack in Britain – a failed car bomb in Birmingham on 3rd November that year, by the Real IRA. We’ve had fewer terrorist attacks in the last 40 months than any time in the last thirty years.

And even if the threat is real – and there is no real reason to believe that it isn’t, because there is no such thing as 100% security – it still doesn’t excuse such a desperate course of action. As Boris Johnson said in his blog:

By all means bang them away. But it is a disgrace not to put them on trial.

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  1. The Government would argue (and its not an argument I’m sympathetic too) that it’s the very draconian measures that they have introduced that have kept us safe.