Look Around You

Look around you. Just look around you.

It’s back at last! Thants. This time, instead of being a spoof ITV Schools-style progamme, it’s going to be more like Tomorrow’s World. And instead of being just ten minutes long, it’s going to be half an hour long.

The first episode sounds great already. “The team find out what music will sound like in the year 2000.” Weird that Josie D’Arby’s in it. Assuming it’s the same Josie D’Arby, of course.

The website is still in ITV Schools mode, but why not visit it anyway.

Make sure you look out for the release of the new albumen… it’s OUT NOW.

February is shaping up to be a good month for television, with ‘teaser’ trailers for Chris Morris’ new programme, Nathan Barley, currently going out in anticipation for transmission next month.

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