Keep your heads low

I’ve been making more changes this time. Permalinks have changed. Old ones will still work but new ones are groovier. The last time I tried this, the whole thing collapsed, but I think I’ve done it correctly this time. But this is just a warning just in case – if anything has gone wrong please tell me.

The linklog is back! It’s in the very top right, although now I’m thinking of swapping the black and orange columns around… I decided to use, since that seems to be the standard now. Hover over the link to see the tooltip, where I’m putting “via blog x.”

I’m thinking about what to do about spam. People are still having problems with Trencaspammers, so I’m going to have to ditch it and try to tackle it another way. But before I decide what to do, Trencaspammers is staying in the meantime.

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