The most depressing January the 24th ever

For the first hour of today I thought that it was coming true – that January the 24th really is the most depressing January the 24th ever.

If platform 1 had eyes it would have rolled them. I heard the groan before I saw the train, so I knew it was bad news. Not only was it the trains that I don’t like, but it was also only two carriages. There are two fast trains that come within ten minutes of each other, so the second one would be pretty empty. A particularly poor decision somewhere within First ScotRail with that one. It was standing for me – standing in the bit between the two carriages where you can barely even walk at the best of times.

What was really weird was that the train actually arrived on time. I don’t think that’s ever happened to me in the morning! So I arrived at the lecture theatre with twenty-five minutes to spare.

I have to say, though, First ScotRail have improved quite a bit I think. The only problem I’ve had this year so far was when the later fast train became the following slow train, which made me quite late – but that was the day after they had to cancel all trains due to bad weather, so they were probably still trying to get things back to normal.

The rest of the day was okay though.

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  1. Must have been your lucky day! I witnessed an empty 6-carriage train at the start of the Circle (the one which goes via Dunfermline – not a busy route, ever) followed by a three-carriage crush on the Aberdeen (long journey, lots of schoolkids) train recently. Someone needs to get their brain around which are the busier lines.