Blogging awards, eh? Personally, I hate them all. Except for the ones which this blog is nominated for. So I hate them all.

Actually, I simply think there are too many. The Guardian had a good one last year, but I think it’s over a year since the last one so it was perhaps just a one-off.

I’d pay more attention to The Bloggies, if I had actually heard of most of the blogs nominated. As it happens, I’ve maybe heard of about eight of them.

A Fistful of Euros’ own awards, The Satin Pajama Awards, are probably significantly smaller, but at least I’ve heard of plenty of the blogs listed there. The problem is, once you’ve voted for Chase me ladies, I’m in the cavalry for Best Weblog, it’s a bit difficult to justify voting for anything else in any of the other categories which it’s nominated for. The only other blog I voted for was Europhobia, in Best Political Weblog. I don’t read any French blogs. Or German blogs. I will probably have a good look at the winners of Afoe’s awards.

I’m surprised bloggers haven’t actually invented a new word for blog awards. I guess ‘blawards’ sounds a bit too much like a 16th century swearword…


  1. Ta very much…

    There do seem to be hundreds of these award thingies, and they all seem to be more remarkable for the ommissions than inclusions. I mean, where’s Bloggerheads for starters?

    By the by, the Guardian are doing their blog awards again – can’t track down the link, but the nomination stage has been going on for a month or so now…Ah – Here you go

  2. Thanks for the Guardian link, but I don’t think it’s the same one. I’m sure there were ones last year that were completely separate from Backbencher. Some of the blogs had nothing to do with politics.