BBC Digital

I have to say, so far this year I’ve been quite impressed with the BBC’s usually patchy digital channels, BBC Three and BBC Four.

BBC Four is usually actually okay, but only when you’re actually watching it. I’ve already blogged about Don’t Watch That, Watch This!.

I haven’t blogged about the new series of Monkey Dust. Halfway through its third series, I can’t help feeling that this programme is getting a little bit tired. The Paedofinder-General, for instance, was a character who made a one-off appearance in the second series, and that was funny. But now he’s appearing in every episode and it’s becoming a little bit predictable.

Ivan Dobsky the Meatsafe Murderer is another one. It is getting a bit boring. And how come Mr Hoppy is now the one persuading Dobsky to murder people? Mind you, the bits about Billy Bragg and The Edge were quite funny.

This once excellent show is now merely becoming good. Infact, I’d say it’s getting pretty patchy. Still worth a watch though.

The other programme that’s caught my eye is one that I stumbled upon by accident, The Comic Side of 7 Days. Various comedians, usually of a left-wing persuasion, such as Mark Steel and Mark Thomas, sit there and make jokes about the week’s events. It seems to be a pretty low-profile programme, possibly because of the partisan politics that often make their way in. It seems to have already been on for a few weeks, but I didn’t know anything about it. But it is quite a funny programme so I recommend it if it happens to be on.

BBC Three in general seems to be really getting its act together; it’s evolving into something quite big. The schedule used to be almost exclusively devoted to repeats even six months ago. Now there are new programmes all over the place. The success of Little Britain has clearly played its part, and the extra ratings seem to have given BBC Three some extra free reign.

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