You’ll see I’ve been tweaking things again.

The arrows are there to helpfully point you towards an external site; a link which will take you away from here.

I’ve been discovering blogs like crazy recently, so I mixed the ‘Top ten percent’ section, as I occasionally do. They have descriptions and everything now. I apologise if I’ve managed to offend anybody with those descriptions.

The bit that says “Other blogs on this post,” next to the comments, takes you to the Technorati cosmos of the post. A fine alternative to Trackback, which most people don’t even seem to use anyway.

I’ve finally managed to find a use for all the alternative titles for my blog that Collie came up with last summer, when I was feeling like a bit of a change. None of them were really that suitable, but some of them really made me laugh – so now there’s a randomly generated one up there at the top.

I’m thinking about bringing the old linklog back. Yes / no? I’m not sure how I would incorporate it into the design though.

I’m not using Google’s rel="nofollow" thing. My objections are pretty much the same as other people’s. Firstly, it won’t stop spammers. Spammers will spam anyway, because it’s so cost-effective, whether their Page Rank is high or not. Secondly, there’s no reason why legitimate links in comments should be penalised. If Google and other search engines think spammers using their algorithms to their advantage is such a problem, they should change their algorithms so that they don’t encourage senseless Googlebombing so much.

Since Technorati Tags were unveiled last week, a few WordPress plugins have surfaced. None of the once I’ve come across do what I’m looking for – a link to the tag page next to the links in the list of categories. eg:

Edinburgh (10) Ttag

Don’t suppose anybody’s seen one lying around?

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