Student graffiti

There was quite an amusing article in this week’s The Student about the graffiti to be found in the library at Edinburgh University, written by Mark Thomlinson. It doesn’t appear to be online, so I’ll transcribe part of it.

Debates rage over a wide variety of issues, most notably over whether Scottish or English people are better. The most striking and articulate argument found goes as follows: “The reason the Scots hate the ENGLISH is because we dominate you @ everythin [sic] therefore you feel inferior. That’s why you all let out your pathetic little cheers when we conceed [sic] a goal for example. You sad little country with a big chip on its shoulder!” In the interests of balance, it is probably appropriate to tell you what the counter-argument was. “Why are you here, then?” was succinctly written next to it.

Lest you think the university is all about inter-national prejudice, there were many instances of poor versus rich people battles [aren’t the two things the same though? – doctorvee]. The gauntlet was thrown down in the form of a classic lightbulb joke: “How many yahs does it take to change a lightbulb? None – the butler did it.” However, a response came in the form of “Poor people are ugly and smell of wee.” Powerful words.

The Student used to have a ‘Graffiti Corner’ every week, until a cleaner complained about it. Shame, cos it was the funniest thing in the whole paper.

There is an amusing piece of graffiti in the Teviot toilets at the moment. On the bog roll holder, it says: “History of Art degree: Please take one.”

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