One EJ10 please

The rumours that Eddie Jordan is on the brink of selling his Jordan Formula 1 team to Midland persist.

He can’t be too confident about a deal. Jordan must really be scraping the barrel for cash, because flicking through the channels late last night, I caught an hour-long programme dedicated to selling various Jordan bits and pieces on the slightly tacky shopping channel Ideal World.

Amongst the items up for sale were overalls worn by Giogina Pantano and a car raced by Jarno Truilli. They kept on saying Trulli drove the car, even though Heinz-Harald Frentzen’s name was on the side of it.

I can’t imagine how this works. The overalls were being sold for something like £800; the car for something around £32,000. I mean, I can’t imagine sitting at home at five to midnight on a Wednesday night with a spare thirty-two grand sloshing around, phoning up Ideal World and saying, “One EJ10 Formula 1 test car please.”

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