Alright, so due to me being a tightwad the immense popularity of this blog, it looks like I’m going to run out of bandwidth before the end of the month. Only just though. So hang on tight, the blog might be down for a day or so until it resets for the start of the new month. Since February is a short month, I’ll put off upgrading for the moment. It costs a fair bit more, and you get all this extra stuff (well, the same stuff but quadrupled in size), but I only want the extra bandwidth. Ho hum; that’s the way things go I guess.

Of course, you could read one of my site feeds (shown on the right) if you want to help take the burden off a bit. You could use Bloglines for instance. Okay, so you might not get the bright orange colours, but this is a minor quibble…

Oh, also, I’ve been getting more reports of comments getting lost somewhere in the process. I hope it’s not the anti-spam code. I’ve heard of there being problems with the other anti-spam code plugin, AuthImage, with Firefox, so I’m wondering if something similar is going on here. I might have to take it off for good. In the meantime, if you want to make a comment I suggest copying it before you hit send and then if it doesn’t get through just email me it.

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