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A new SNP blog from Stuart Dickson. I can’t think of many (any) SNP bloggers who I’ve come across before, so it should be an interesting read.

He’s got a pretty exhaustive list of Scottish political blogs in his blogroll aswell. I’ll probably try to work my way through those one day, as I often feel the need to read more Scottish political blogs. I’m out of the loop, you know? The only Scottish news programme I like is Newsnight Scotland.

That list is so exhaustive, though, that he’s managed to list all three of my ‘proxy’ blogs – two of which have never been officially launched – each with a tag of “defunct?”. Even I don’t know if they’re defunct!

Incidentally, I’m thinking of doing a ‘Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath votes’ blog, because I think it’ll be really interesting what with Gordon Brown standing here and all. (You see, I was kind of inspired by Tim Ireland’s post about “get yer finger out; call yourselves proxy bloggers?!”. But I can’t exactly start up the Lewis Moonie one because he’s not standing, and I can’t start the Gordon Brown one because that would be assuming that he would win the election.) The whole Gordon Brown issue looks like it might have a fair part to play in the upcoming election, so there’d be plenty of material I bet. Don’t know if I can be arsed though.

In his blogroll, Stuart Dickson also calls me a centrist. I can’t complain, because that’s how I describe myself. But I’m just waiting for the moment when somebody says, “that’s not a centrist stance!” It does somewhat leave you open to criticism…


  1. or Welsh nationalists as they deploy against Europe: the right to exercise national sovereignty, the right to rule themselves, the lack of democracy, the imposition of regulations from outside, etc. Well maybe now we will have a chance to find out. Via Doctorvee , please welcome what might well be the first Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP)/Scottish nationalist blog: Independence. Let’s see how well the loons can fight their own arguments! My bet is that they can’t. By their logic, if British should have a right

  2. Hello.

    You probably said far too many nice things about the SSP’s European Election manifesto last year to be considered a true centrist, although you did say that they were too socialist and anti-Europe for your liking.

    I call myself a centrist too, although others would claim that I am a “libertarian” – whatever that means. Where the heck is “the centre” anyway? That Political Compass thing is very confusing.

    Yes, of course you can still do a Gordon Brown proxy blog, but just omit the letters MP, because as you say during the election he is simply an ordinary candidate like everyone else.

    I’ll remove the “(defunct?)” label from the “Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath votes” and “Gordon Brown MP” blogs unless you wish otherwise. I’ll leave the label on the other 1, unless you say different.

    Hope my blog can be of some use/entertaining/informative, or lamentably poor. I’m new to the game – only time will tell.

  3. Regarding the proxy-blogs, I’m still thinking things over. If I were to go for starting up a proxy blog again, it would be either the Gordon Brown one or the Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath one, but not both – there’d be too much overlap I reckon. The plan would have been to start out with the Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath one, and then that would go on to become a Gordon Brown / whoever (as if) proxy blog.

    Given what you have said, I may well just go for having a Gordon Brown proxy blog from the very beginning. I’ll wait and see if I get more feedback, though, and think about it.

    Good luck with the blog.

  4. We call on Tesco to issue an apology for allowing it’s Chairman, David Reid, to become involved in politics and using his position to unfairly influence an election.

    If Tesco wishes to alienate millions of pro-independence customers then it cannot expect those customers to lend their support to Tesco.

    We the undersigned are electing not to shop at Tesco until a statement and apology has been issued.