December 2004

Incitement to non-religious hatred

Via various people, the Home Office’s FAQ on incitement to religious hatred says: It will also protect people targeted because of their lack of religious beliefs or because they do not share the religious beliefs of the perpetrator. Would anybody be able to say anything? Harry’s Place again: So you priests better be careful with […]

It is definitely Christmas

So it’s not just about drink. I am well and truly feeling Christmassy and wintery and everything. I know it’s Christmas because it’s just like the good old days, you see – when I got up it was dark.


You might have gathered from my previous post’s mention of alcohol that at last I am in the Christmas spirit. I’ve remembered that since so many of you slackers blog when you should be working, that I may have to wish you a Merry Christmas now, in case you don’t return until the new year. […]

Religious hatred again

Harry’s Place in two-good-posts-in-a-row shock! Maybe it’s the alcohol I consumed… Anyway, the point of this post is about that idiotic law. How many of those have Labour got now? Sorry for not being more specific. I mean the one about religious hatred. I cannot recommend this post from The Liberal Dissenter enough (via Liberal […]


I’m still quite unconvinced by the anti-ID arguments. Although it is incredible that the Tories ended up supporting them. It is also incredible that the home affairs spokesmen for all three major parties are all against ID cards, but only one of them is willing to be so in public. Guido Fawkes senses a Tory […]

Law turns law-abiding citizen into criminal

Just a small point about one of the anti-ID card arguments. The Adam Smith Institute on ID cards (I don’t mean to single out the ASI, by the way, as I’ve seen this written countless times and it just happened to be reading the ASI’s version that made me want to write about this). The […]

At this rate, Labour will lose!

Alastair Campbell is back at Number 10. Ironically, it’s difficult to see how Labour can put a positive spin on this one. All it took was for him to beat his chest at the bottom of a grand staircase and the Hutton Report became a whitewash. Ze Mole on Campbell’s return

Blogger’s block

I’ve got a bit of the old blogger’s block at the moment, so I’ve been playing around again. Check out in the middle column to the right where it says “Choose Your Own Style.” Now, aswell as the default orange template, you can view a cleaner version with blue links and whatnot, and also a […]

Autechre – Draft 7.30

The Draft 7.30 page is back, with its own Draft 7.30 style! I doubt many of you are interested though. Also on the admin front, I’ve been getting complaints that commenting leads to FATAL-TIMEOUT-ÜBER-ERROR-OF-DEATH. I’m not sure what’s going on, but if you’re getting the same, apologies…