December 2004

Another famous Langtonian

I never knew this – the person on which Ebenezer Scrooge was based (erroneously, so it turns out) – Ebenezer Scroggie. In life, Scroggie was apparently a rambunctious, generous and licentious man who gave wild parties, impregnated the odd serving wench and once wonderfully interrupted the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland by grabbing […]

Merry Christmas

Indeedy, I got a Christmas design done. You’ll probably see it straight away if I did things correctly. All grey and stuff, with green and red links. It’s supposed to look wintery (with the green and red signifying Chrismas of course). It’s called ‘Glacial’ though, because it’s going to evolve into a general wintery grey […]


I just found out, thanks to this post on PooterGeek, that the proposed religious hatred law won’t actually apply in Scotland. Which makes sense really. Sometimes devolution is the most confusing thing in the world. No matter how many times this happens, I always fall into the trap of caring passionately about an English-and-Welsh law. […]

I have got news for you

Not only is this the season of giving, goodwill and all sorts of cheery things like that, but it’s also the season of disappointing television. You’d think that as it’s disappointing every year, expectations for Christmas television would be extraordinarily low. Yet we never learn our lesson, and it never ceases to be disappointing. How […]

Those things again again

Well since Nosemonkey thought that linking to The Yorkshire Ranter was a suitable rebuttal to my post from earlier on this morning, I’m going to have to go through Alex’s post aswell. Alex says: ID cards will cost us all £85 in the first instance, and again every time we move house. This, as I […]

Those things again

Nosemonkey on those things. …this is one of the most intrusive and unpleasantly fascistic laws this country has yet seen… Talk about losing all sense of proportion (incidentally, did I mention fox hunting part two?). Anyway, here is a list of famously fascistic countries: Belgium Egypt Estonia Germany Greece Luxembourg Poland Portugal Spain They all […]

The Audioscrobbler thingy works now!

I finally managed to get a ‘now playing’ bit in the side panel, but using CG-Feedread by CHAITGEAR. It’s not looking terribly pretty at the moment, but it’s a lot better than nothing. So now you can see five tracks that I listened to recently, whenever it took a look at the feed again. All […]