…and a Happy New Year

Blogging has been light, cos it’s the festive season and all.

This year, there has been a debate which I’ve never noticed before. People are talking about the role of Christmas and Hogmanay. There is a theory that you either like Christmas, or you like New Year, but not both. Pah. Everybody north of the border knows it’s Hogmanay every time. Maybe it’s because people in Scotland are less likely to be religious. Maybe Scots all like to stay up late and get right pished.

The best bit of the whole night, though, is Only an Excuse? – a classic; just about the only tradition I follow. Even though it doesn’t seem to be as funny as it used to be when Alistair McGowan was in it, it’s still always, without fail, the best thing on television throughout the whole of the festive season. It’s soured only by the fact that it’s followed in the schedules by Chewin’ the Fat. What a way to end the year – by watching one of the most lazily written programmes in the history of television.

Hogmanay is also, so I thought, a time for family. Apparently not though. A lot of people I know are thinking about going back to university for new year. ????????! My brother’s girlfriend has also come up from the Land of Autechre for the week containing Hogmanay. It’s thrown me a wee bit. I mean, I’m not big on family guff, but Hogmanay is just about the only family occasion I can think of that’s left. There is Sunday dinner I guess, but that was never religiously followed. And Christmas is far more to do with playing with the new MegaDrive or CD player than family.


I’m preparing some end-of-year lists. Most people seem to do these in October, but I’ve left them until the end of the year. Aware that the start of a year is probably not anybody’s favoured time to be looking back, I’m squashing it in in the last few days.

Resolutions? I don’t really do them very much. I think if I want to do something so badly I’d do it anyway. If I did have a resolution, it would definitely be cutting back on coffee. But I already have tons of rules. If I have university the next day, I don’t allow myself any coffee after 6pm (except on special occasions); if I don’t, I only allow myself to have coffee every three hours. I think I’ve cut back quite enough really!

Although I have decided overall to be less sarcastic and cynical (something to do with karma, or something). Pah – we’ll see how long that lasts!


  1. i’m back with uni mates for new year, don’t think i could stand being at home much longer!

  2. I’m also back in Glasgow for new year. The reason is because Burntisland has a habit of there not being anything decent to do at new year.

    I’m going to George Square to see in the new year, as I think I’ll be having more fun there.