What a terrible day

Reuters headlines
Just a sample of the headlines that greeted me when I opened up Bloglines
There seems to be something about Boxing Day and massive earthquakes. One year ago to the day a massive earthquake hit Iran aswell.

I first heard about the earthquake last night on the radio. It never struck me at the time that it would case tsunamis.

I’ve not seen any pictures. When you see headlines like “Bodies line Indian beaches”, you can only imagine what it must be like.


  1. Watching the coverage from bangkok. Everyones pretty excited by it all. Know of a few people who headed south for christmas, glad I stayed in Bangkok. First I heard of it was all these emails from friends in the UK, so checked the web and there it was. Like I said, scary stuff.

  2. i know of one person who was on the other side of Phuket, I mean the opposite coast. He’s fine though. They are appealing on thai tv for foreigners to come and give blood – they need our kind…