Earthquake coverage

A few bloggers have been complaining about the media coverage of the earthquake. Mad musings of me, Grumpy Old People, The Liberal Dissenter and Matthew Yglesias amongst them.

I’ve not watched much television coverage of today’s events. But the coverage last year’s disaster in Bam seemed much worse. At the time, the death toll was reported as being “at least 20,000“. But the top story on the ITV News (if you ever get a craving to grumble about the media, just watch ITV News for a couple of minutes – you’re bound to find something) was the shooting dead of a police officer. I realise that the shooting dead of the policeman was a lot closer to home. But still – 20,000 deaths and coutless injuries compared with one death and an injury – it should always have been the earthquake as the top story.


  1. Obviously I’ve only seen Thai channel’s coverage(that’s wall to wall as you would expect) and bits of BBC World and CNN – they have both been giving it lots of coverage but largely from Sri Lanka and Indonesia(the worst affected areas).

  2. I think that chap has told you.

    As to ITV’s coverage, it was the top story when I saw the news, plus they had special news editions just for the earthquake.

  3. Doh. I did see some way of making Trencaspammers more secure, but I couldn’t be bothered since I’d never had comment spam with it before. I’ll have to change it now…

    Yep, I think the coverage I’ve seen of this disaster has been pretty good all-in-all.