No wonder they need to increase bridge tolls…

This paragraph, from The Scotsman, is just one laugh after another.

A COUNCIL worker from Fife denied that he was a “lone wolf” in protesting about the 25 per cent increase in the toll on the Forth Bridge. A letter of complaint from George Campbell, 57, above, about the rise from 80p to £1 forced a two-day inquiry that cost the Forth Estuary Transport Authority £1.1 million. Tom Minogue, of Fifers Against Toll Increases – a group that prefers not be shortened to an acronym – gave evidence to the inquiry, claiming to have received up to 100 phone calls and e-mails backing Mr Campbell’s stance on the 20p increase.

Ah go on. Go on go on go on. FATI. Heh.

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  1. I understand that he only uses the bridge a couple of times a year as well. The bloody idiot! He should be made to go via Kincardine.