December 2004

2004 – Music

Team Doyobi – Choose Your Own Adventure Where can I start with this album? It is just fantastic; Team Doyobi make music like nothing I’ve ever heard before. 1980s-style video game music with a modern twist. The theme isn’t restricted to the music either. The artwork perfectly reflects the music – bright and colourful; brash […]

Typical IDM Listener

Typical IDM Listener (from this post on WATMM). Not only do I look like the one on the right now, but I also (almost) once looked like the one on the left…

2004 – DVD

I’ve watched five DVDs from 2004. That’s enough for a list! I’m afraid number 1 is going to be appearing at the top, because I can’t work out away to get lists to appear upside down. Ricky Gervais Live 2: Politics Officially the funniest man in the world, Ricky Gervais returns to the sort of […]

2004 – Television and radio

(NB. I’m sticking all of these 2004 reviews in the ‘nostalgia’ section. Even though looking ‘back’ on the year we’re still in isn’t terribly nostalgic, it probably will be if anybody ever looks at the nostalgia section in 2006.) I’ve actually spent a fair chunk of the past few days trying to think of television […]

No-one will get it now!

The Women’s Institute have forced the BBC to make changes to Little Britain. References have now been changed to the imaginary ‘Women’s Association’. I’m sure it was worth the effort.

…and a Happy New Year

Blogging has been light, cos it’s the festive season and all. This year, there has been a debate which I’ve never noticed before. People are talking about the role of Christmas and Hogmanay. There is a theory that you either like Christmas, or you like New Year, but not both. Pah. Everybody north of the […]

Earthquake coverage

A few bloggers have been complaining about the media coverage of the earthquake. Mad musings of me, Grumpy Old People, The Liberal Dissenter and Matthew Yglesias amongst them. I’ve not watched much television coverage of today’s events. But the coverage last year’s disaster in Bam seemed much worse. At the time, the death toll was […]

The abolition of the tolls

I see a post on the Adam Smith Institute’s blog reckons that the Scottish Executive’s purchase of the Skye Bridge will affect English taxpayers. McConnell says that the Scots will end up paying only two-thirds of what they would have paid in tolls up to the end of the contract. But the trouble is that […]

What a terrible day

Just a sample of the headlines that greeted me when I opened up BloglinesThere seems to be something about Boxing Day and massive earthquakes. One year ago to the day a massive earthquake hit Iran aswell. I first heard about the earthquake last night on the radio. It never struck me at the time that […]