Exploring the Domesday data

I was pretty excited to learn this week about Domesday Reloaded. The Domesday project aimed to take a snapshot of British life in 1986. 25 years on, the BBC are looking to update it to document the changes that have taken place since then. I have been interested in the Domesday project for a while. […]

Gaps in the Mercat

Yesterday, for the first time in a while, I took a trip into Kirkcaldy’s main shopping centre, the Mercat. I’m very familiar with the first set of shops that meet you from the entrance. I passed them all many, many times on my way to work at the late, great Woolworths. This opening corridor is […]

Merry Chrifsmas

Yes, I am a liberal elite atheist trying to ban Christmas, and proud of it! Not really. Everyone else can celebrate it as much as they like as far as I’m concerned. But I don’t celebrate Christmas for religious reasons, and I don’t see any point in pretending otherwise. I am celebrating though. Wintervals are […]

Music is so pretty, but it’s the wrong size

The other day I came across another interesting website from Spatial Literacy (you know them, they did that Surname Profiler). With this new website you type in your postcode and it tells you where you fit into ‘e-Society‘ (via Ben Metcalfe). Apparently people in my postcode fall into categories “D : E for entertainment and […]

Hello, my name is… Engin?

Despite having been working at Woolworths for almost a month now, I still haven’t been given my own name. Unlike some shops where nametags are essentially made out of a bit of paper put inside a plastic case, Woolworths seem to have to specially engrave one in a top-secret time-consuming procedure. So while we wait […]

A tip for MVC

I went into an MVC for the first time in months today. It used to be the only decent shop in Kirkcaldy. Now it’s been replaced by HMV — a slight improvement. Today I went into the Perth store, and it really is a depressing scene. There is a clearance sale on, and everything is […]

Now Bluewater bans free speech

Not content with banning hoodies from the premises, Bluewater Shopping Centre yesterday banned newspaper interviews aswell. There, in the middle of Bluewater in Kent yesterday morning, was unemployed Daniel Luchford, 18, and his friend Lee, 17, who did not want to give his surname, shaking hands with a middle-class couple from Sidcup. The Observer decided […]

Tough on the causes of hoodies

Yeah, I can’t believe it. A shopping centre is banning hoods, with the full backing of John Prescott. I never really got this sort of logic. It’s a kind of middle class sneering at the proles. The thinking seems to go as follows: Burberry cap = ned = criminal. Why not skip the first two? […]