Music of 2007: #20–#11

Getting there slowly but surely. We might be two weeks into 2008, but that won’t stop me from looking back at 2007. By this rate it will be February before we get to the end of this list… 20. The Tuss — Rushup Edge Whoever is responsible for this is at least a genius at […]

Music of 2007: #40–#21

Updated to include the full 20 — I messed up the original post. Thanks to Ali for pointing it out. Hmm, a bit late here. That always seems to happen nowadays. Sorry about that. But I like to wait until the very end of the year to do my end-of-year list, unlike others who sometimes […]


Part 10 of AFX’s eleven-part Analord series arrived this week. Strangely, Analord 10 was the first of the series to be released, but only if you were prepared to pay some silly amount for a binder to hold it in. Now Analord 10 has been re-released as a picture disc. Lovely. The only problem is […]