Exploring the Domesday data

I was pretty excited to learn this week about Domesday Reloaded. The Domesday project aimed to take a snapshot of British life in 1986. 25 years on, the BBC are looking to update it to document the changes that have taken place since then. I have been interested in the Domesday project for a while. […]


Just been playing with the new geotagging feature in Flickr. It’s good fun, but the poor quality of the maps really let it down. It’s impossible to accurately pinpoint where anything actually is, particularly since roads are most straight lines and railways often wander out into the sea. Place names are pretty bad aswell: Burntisland […]

Journey times mapped

MySociety’s latest really smart thing is Travel-time maps (via Boing Boing). They show you how long particular journeys take. At the moment there are maps for rail and various other journeys from Cambridge. There is also a map for rail journeys from Edinburgh Waverley station. Very interesting, and potentially useful as well. It seems to […]

Population map

Here’s a pretty cool map with the sizes of countries adjusted to match their population. Canada is just a line! (Via)

More election toys

Yes, this is fun. The Guardian have got a snazzy map of constituencies (PDF file) — but the interesting bit is the more proportionate ‘dot map’ in the top right corner. It is very strange seeing the SNP in blue, but I suppose it’s not as if you’re going to confuse them with the Conservatives […]